Alarm clock beats iPhone in most enduring gadgets list

Alarm clock beats iPhone in most enduring gadgets list

Alarm clock beats iPhone in most enduring gadgets list

The humble alarm clock has beaten the iPhone and flat-screen TV to top the list of most enduring gadgets we can't do without, a new research found.

With its brightly glowing numbers and basic push-button functions, the bedside digital alarm is hardly the most high-tech gadget in our homes.

However, the study found that the clock is the gadget we are most likely to hang on to for the longest, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

The top ten longest-lasting gadgets still in use also includes toasted sandwich makers, calculators and electric carving knives.

And even in this digital age, there are millions of homes who have kept and still regularly use their old video cassette recorders and record players.

Although many people are reluctant to part with their old devices, they are not the most loved gizmos owned, according to a poll for the Gadget Show Live Christmas event.

Smartphones and broadband were named as the things that modern people say they cannot live without.

In a survey of 1,000 people about the favourite technology and gadgets that had been in their home the longest, the digital alarm clock, toasted sandwich makers and pocket calculators came out on top.

They were followed by the original Nintendo Game Boy, electric carving knives, pop-up toasters and bread makers.

The list is completed by the digital watch, VCR and record player, in a nod to times gone by.

The top ten older gadgets still in use included Digital alarm clock at number one followed by Breville toasted sandwich maker (2), Pocket calculator (3), Game Boy (4), Electric carving knife (5), Toaster (6), Breadmaker at number seven, Digital watch (8), VCR (9) and a record player at number 10.

The top ten gadgets Britons can't live without: 1.SmartPhone, 2.Broadband, 3.TV, 4.Laptop, 5.Tablet Games, 6.console, 7.Digital TV player/recorder, 8.MP3 player, 9.E-reader and 10.DVD player.