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Last Updated 30 November 2012, 13:00 IST

If you’re ever near the Sony World signal in Koramangala and craving a quick bite, ‘Cool Roll Burger’ is the place to be. Though it opened only recently, many of those staying in the area already swear by the good quality of food served here.

The rolls are probably the best thing to have here, with vegetarians having the option of choosing a mixed vegetable, egg or paneer roll. It is very filling and worth the money. Non-vegetarians can choose a roll with various permutations and combinations involving mutton, chicken and egg.

The bread omelette, which costs Rs 25, is also recommended.  For fans of Indianised Chinese food, the fried rice and noodles is a must try. Priced between Rs 40 and Rs 60, the dishes appeal both in quantity and quality, with the flavour of roadside Chinese food coming out in a more hygienic form.

A beverage is always nice to go with a meal, and this place offers a multitude of drinks to choose from, be it the ginger coffee, that costs Rs 8, or the mint lime juice for Rs 15. The fresh fruit juices are very refreshing, as are the milk shakes with chunks of fruits in them.
Given that the name of the place has the word ‘burger’ in it, it’s justified to be disappointed at the only four options to pick from — veg, veg with cheese, chicken and chicken with cheese.

When asked the reason for this, the owner, Ilias says, “We have a tentative menu that we’re trying out right now. There will be changes in it and we’ll remove items that aren’t liked by the customers and add a few new ones as well.

”He shares that the one thing that works well for the place is the fact that the food is freshly prepared and can be customised by the customer, depending on how spicy, saucy or oily he/she likes the food.
“All the items are selling quite well — the chicken lollypop, fried rice, rolls and milkshakes, especially,” adds Ilias, overwhelmed by the response his little eatery has received so far. It’s best to end the meal on a sweet note, with the royal falooda or the traditional mithais like peda, sonpapri, jalebi or a ladoo.

(Published 30 November 2012, 13:00 IST)

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