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It’s music season in the City and a host of acts have been taking place over the last few weeks. The rock scene in Bangalore saw a sudden rush of excitement with the ‘Harley Rock Riders’ Festival, that happened at Clarks Exotica recently.

The evening was a fun affair for everyone. While the crowd was excited about each of the bands that played, the event was high on energy and decibels. The different bands that played at the festival included ‘Albatross’, ‘Frank got the Funk’, Galeej Gurus, ‘Boomerang’, ‘Light Years’ and ‘Soulmate’.

Women and men alike — quite a few in their leather jackets and brightly-coloured hair — looked all set for the evening.

The background digital images on the stage, floodlights and stage lights set the ambience for the bands and performance that followed.

Each band kept encouraging the crowd to cheer and the rock-lovers of the City were more than happy to jump into action. During Kryptos’ performance, the crowd formed a pit, pushing each other excitedly and falling all over.

Breaking out into in all sorts of dances and moves, pounding fists and head-banging, the crowd cheered on as ‘Wolf’, the Swedish metal band, appeared on stage.

“We’re very excited to be in India. It has been our long-time wish to come and perform here,” says a member from ‘Wolf’. Playing several pieces that left the crowd calling for more, ‘Wolf’ amazed the audience.

Of the several pieces like ‘Hail Caesar’ and ‘Full Moon Possession’, some pieces that took to the crowd’s attention were one where the crowd was asked to sing-along and ‘Electric Raga’, a piece inspired by Indian classical music and played along with the sitar.

The event also had various stalls for tattooing, rock merchandise, fun photo booths and food stalls. “The world may end in December. I’m so glad that we got to celebrate life and my favourite rock music at this event,” says Rejo Mathews, a software engineer and a rock music fan.

Shruti Vasudeva, a fine arts student, adds, “I came here because of my friend, who is a ‘Wolf’ fan. I’m grateful that I came, as I wasn’t aware of the fun and excitement such an event could have.”

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