Adventure at your own risk

Dangerous Activity

The adventure-crazy folks in the City are in for a big treat. Bungee jumping is back in Bangalore, with the best in the sport — Jean Pascal, the well-known bungee-jumping legend, and his team.

They have set up a jumping facility at the Phoenix MarketCity mall, so that those with a thirst for adventure can have the time of their lives.

During the opening event, which was held recently, Jean Pascal showed off his bungee stunts to the public, making them confident about the sport. The event saw a packed audience — both first-timers who were keen to try out the activity as well as those who have taken the plunge before.

Jean Pascal says, “It’s great to be back in the City to reintroduce the sport. We’ve done events in the past here and in Kochi, where around 12,000 jumps took place. People here crave adventure and we’re glad to be able to help them.”

Latha B N, a corporate trainer who is the first woman bungee jumper in India, was also at the event. She adds, “I’ve always been into adventure sports and my first jump was in 1999. I’ve easily crossed 140 jumps or more now.

It’s always a bit scary to be at the edge, just before you jump — but if you leave your mind at the ground level, it is truly a good feeling. Not much is needed to be a good bungee jumper. I’ve always been into rock-climbing, so I haven’t had to do anything more to train for it.”

“It was very scary to be at the top and look down to the ground level. Once I was suspended like that, upside down, I just wanted it to be over. But I’m sure that once I’ve done it two or three times, I will like it.

It’s a great experience and everyone should do it once at least,” says Suraksha Hegde, a managing executive and a first-time bungee jumper. She adds, “There will always be the question of ‘should I do this?’ once you reach the top. But it is a really exciting sport — so, one should go for it.”

“There are different chords for different people of different weights, which hold up to five times their weight and are really strong. After one signs up for the event, their weight and blood pressure are checked to ensure that they are fit for the jump,” says Kiran Soans, from a sports company which helped organise the programme.
The facility will remain at the mall till January 18.

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