Malik says Taliban exploits poor Pak people

Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik on the second day of his trip said that the pro-Taliban terror outfits are exploiting gullible poor people of Pakistan in the name of religion and described the terror group leaders as “certain monkeys”.

At a time when pro-Taliban militants are running amok in his country,  Rehman Malik said that “poverty and religion when mixed together by certain monkeys is bad for the society and people”.   He referred to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Lashkr-e-Jhangavi – both violent groups belonging to Sunni sect -- working together to create destruction.  A day before he had said that 42,000 people have lost their lives to terrorism in Pakistan.

Calling India to come together to fight the menace, the minister stated, “Terrorism has become a business. They are threatening businessmen, blackmailing people. Let us join hands to fight it out”. Perhaps, the minister was attempting to showcase that the terrorism has pushed Pakistan in a situation which is worse than that of India. 

The Peoples Party of Pakistan (PPP) government minister had observed two years back in his own country that Al Qaeda, TTP and LeJ through series of attacks on Shias attempted to create a “sectarian rift”.

 Senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj on Saturday requested Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik, who had called on her, to look into the persecution of Hindus in his country.  The leader of opposition in Lok Sabha also inquired from Malik that why Hindus are running away from Pakistan to take shelter here, as recently a few in batches had crossed over from Wagah border in Punjab.

Rehman Malik, who met Swaraj at her residence on Saturday evening, denied persecution of Hindus who stayed back there after partition.

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