DU wall comes alive with art

DU wall comes alive with art

A kilometre stretch of a wall inside Delhi University campus became a canvas to spread awareness on social issues when artists — both amateurs and budding — professionals gathered to paint it on Sunday. It was university’s last day of Antardhvani festival.

The ‘Delhi book wall’, which was sectioned off into 138 parts saw groups or individuals painting on theme ‘Design the Change’. Tata Housing and Brand Promotions ltd had organised the painting to instil in the masses support for art and culture.

The wall adorned images of Buddha. Paintings of women to express solidarity on the rising crimes against them, gender equality, a colourful cow, a burger questioning the junk food culture, depictions of poverty, sorry state of children and corruption could be seen. However, writing on the wall was not allowed.

A History (H) Hindu College student said it is surprising that the varsity do not have graffiti on its walls.

“You walk inside Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and there are graffiti staring at you from all corners. In an academic space art and graffiti hold a special place and it should be encouraged. This art is more pleasing to eyes than the posters of faces of students’ union members pasted all over the campus,” the student said.

The sponsors for the show also stressed on awaking the youth in an academic space.
“We used a concept of designing a change in society based on the security matters in wake of the recent happenings in Delhi. We wanted to talk to people of other parts in the country through this. Society is in need of a change and the artists have come up with good creations,” said a member from the sponsoring team.

Majority of the paintings were dedicated to women in the aftermath of the gang rape incident. An English professor from a south Delhi college said the country needs change. The youth is blatantly disconnected with the politics of this country. The anger from half baked ideas about what is wrong with the country is even more dangerous and is prevalent among youth, the professor added.

Students present asked for similar activities to be organised by the University.
“This is a great chance for artists to talk to a large audience visually. However, only a few will be able to understand that this show is a brand promotion. When money comes in between creating awareness on social evils especially rampant poverty, the honest efforts of the artist is over shadowed by money,” said Abhirup Sanyal, a Mathematics postgraduate student said.

He said the University can easily hold such shows with the help of its own faculty and students.

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