US-returned man contests CMC polls

Educated youth with integrity should plunge into politics
Last Updated 27 February 2013, 18:00 IST

A person who had comfortably settled down in the Unites States of America has taken a plunge into politics by contesting the city municipal council (CMC) election here.

M K Sachidananda, son of Kenchegowda, a teacher and resident of Tavargere, has taken a sabbatical after a stint as a researcher in bio-chemistry for the past six years in Louisiana State University.


“When I saw a ditch in the middle of the road adjoining the District Hospital, I drew the attention of the corporator, MLA and CMC commissioner. My pleas to get the road repaired fell on deaf ears. I want to be a tool for change myself. So, I am in the fray,” he said.

 After securing MSc in bio-chemistry from the University of Mysore in 2000, he got a PhD from the same university and flew to the US in 2006.

“Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal and vice-president of Mandya zilla panchayat dermatologist Dr Shankaregowda 

They are good examples that one can serve the people and lead a respectable life despite being in politics,” he said.

He said he has been facing opposition from his family members. “My father says politics is corrupt and is not for us. But, if everybody start thinking only about one’s personal life, who will take the lead. Educated youth with integrity should enter politics. Whether we win or lose, let us hope for better days,” he adds.

(Published 27 February 2013, 18:00 IST)

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