Probe graft charges against Speaker, Lokayukta asks LG

Probe graft charges against Speaker, Lokayukta asks LG

The ball is in lieutenant governor Tejendra Khanna’s court now. The Lokayukta on Monday directed a complaint of corruption involving crores of rupees against Delhi Speaker Yoganand Shastri to LG’s office citing a law that does not put Speaker under its preview.

Justice Manmohan Sarin asked LG to find the truth since the allegations have come from a senior government official, Siddharth Rao, who last worked as secretary, Delhi Assembly.
“The concerned complainant swears to the truth of the allegations being made.

It is, therefore, desirable that when such serious allegations are made and the concerned official vouchsafes for their veracity, then it is necessary that the truth and factual position about the allegations is ascertained, to maintain the dignity and honour of the constitutional position involved,” said Justice Sarin. If the allegations are found to be false then the official concerned must be charged for misconduct in accordance with the law, Sarin added.

Rao alleged corruption, misuse of public funds and amenities over several crores of rupees by the Speaker through forgery. The Speaker misappropriated funds for repairing sofas at home. Also, he forged the bills of bureau of legislative studies, purporting them to be for buying sports trophies, which were later obtained as complimentary.

The complaint was originally addressed to the PM on May 22, 2012, from there it was referred to the department of personnel and training. It reached the Lokayukta in December 2012. Under section 2(m) (iii) of the Delhi Lokayukta and Uplokayukta Act, 1995, a ‘public functionary’ includes a person of the rank of minister, but does not include the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.