'Every vote makes a difference'

'Every vote makes a difference'

With just a day left for Election, ordinary citizens have been voicing out their opinions on the changes the City needs. Film stars are no different. They are set to cast their vote and have even taken time out to campaign for their favourite parties. Those, with a mission to do more, have kept their film commitments aside and entered politics. They have gone door-to-door interacting with people and asking them to vote. Metrolife talks to celebrities from the film industry to know what changes they want in the City and their expectations from the
new government.

Yash, actor: “Safety is the biggest concern right now. With bomb blasts and crime on the rise, people are scared to step out of the comfort of their home. Apart from this, the infrastructure is in dire need of attention. With the Metro work going on, the roads are in a bad condition. More than anything, the basic amenities are missing. I believe that nothing is impossible. In a disciplined manner, the new government can meet the expectations of the citizens.”

Bhavna, actress: “I am definitely going to vote this time with the hope of seeing a cleaner city, better infrastructure, good public toilets and more than anything, less of greedy politicians. We need people who are focussed and can bring about a change in our State.”

Meghna Gaonkar, actress: “Voting is a right that every citizen must exercise. As they say, every vote makes a difference and if, we as citizens want to see change, we should vote. There are obviously many changes I want to see. One of this being the end of corruption, which I feel is the root cause of all problems. The second major change would be increased safety for women. With the number of rape cases taking place, something should be done about it.”

Komal, actor: “Voting is very important. No doubt, we can’t expect a miracle from the new government but at least, we can hope for certain amendments and better development. I hope people of Karnataka vote for a single-party government as it will bring in some stability. I also hope for changes in the film industry. The industry is suffering because of competition. I hope the new government can provide more cinema halls in every taluk with subsidised rates so that more people can flock to the halls.”

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