Waugh blasts youngsters' attitude

Waugh blasts youngsters' attitude

Waugh blasts youngsters' attitude

Reacting to David Warner’s twitter rant against two journalists, former Australia Test batsman Mark Waugh on Monday said that some players are getting ahead of themselves and need to pull their heads in.

“It’s a pretty inexperienced squad (Australia national team)... there aren’t not many senior players... we lost Michael Hussey and Ricky Ponting. You don’t really have the core group of senior players who can knock things on the head.

“Young players are getting a lot of money and getting there pretty easily aren’t they!? They’re getting to the top without having to do a whole lot of hard work, so maybe they’re getting ahead of themselves,” said Waugh.

“There’s probably certain players who need to pull their heads in and concentrate on cricket,” he added.

Waugh although said Warner’s outburst was “no big deal”, he insisted that the explosive batsman showed “signs of a bit of immaturity”.

“Dave Warner has only played 19 Tests... He shouldn’t even worry about these sorts of things. He should just be concentrating on his cricket,” Waugh told SEN radio.

“I mean it’s not a good look for David Warner I think it’s the second or third time he’s sort of tweeted out some words which haven’t been that smart. He’s got to learn from this. Its not the ideal situation you want to see from supposedly one of your senior player or one of the most important players in your squad,” said Waugh.