Good luck swims your way

Good luck swims your way

Good luck swims your way

Fortune now comes with a curvy big head and a mix of bright colours. Over decades the Flowerhorn has been considered a Feng Shui good luck fish. In the past few months the demand for this species has increased a great deal in the city.

Most people know of the Flowerhorns as aquarium fishes, but lack deeper knowledge about them. They are a hybrid complex, developed originally in Malaysia. A range of species have been crossbred to produce these aquatic beauties.

“The parental taxa used by breeders to create these hybrids are all South American cichlids, but the species have supposedly never been divulged, and is maintained as a trade secret,” says Rajeev Raghavan, South Asia Co-Chair of the IUCN Freshwater Fish Specialist Group.

It isn’t their origin but the belief that they have the ability to alter the owner’s fate overnight that has made them so special. They come in vibrant colours and possess a hump on their head. It is said that the larger the hump, the greater the luck.
You, however, may find it strange how an artificially engineered fish could be a good luck charm, but there is an explanation for that too. Nikhil Sood from India Gills, Bangalore while in conversation stated that the mid patch of the Flowerhorns was thought to be a Chinese character and there were rumours that people won lotteries after they got the fish. 

Flowerhorn owners aren’t just proud of its beauty and charm. Jyothi Vijay, a student of St Joseph’s college giggled as she spoke of the little one. “They are extremely naughty, I’ve caught him picking up stones from one end and throwing it at the other. He jumps up at times too, aggressive yet lovely to have.” The Flower fish not only adds colour to the aquarium but to the home as well.

There are many different varieties of Flowerhorn cichlids but the most commonly available ones are Kamfa and Red Dragon. The popular colours are red, orange, yellow, blue and silver. The price of these fishes may vary from Rs 800 onwards. A fully grown Flowerhorn may cost up to Rs 20,000! The price depends on the colour and size of the fish. Rajeev also added that these fishes may grow up to 30cm in length.


Anybody who comes across a Flowerhorn would be mesmerized by its flamboyance, a complete treat to the eye. But that is not all, if you want to buy it, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. These fishes are extremely aggressive and need to be kept separately, even from their own kind.

Nikhil enlightens fish lovers, more so the Flowerhorn lovers, on how to take care of these fishes. “Make sure to give the fish a big aquarium with good, clean water, give them specialist food as they have a humpy head, and make sure the tank is bigger than required. In the winter, water heaters must be placed.” Adding to this he says that one must never release these fishes in any water body or river as they can destroy our native fish. Return it to the shop from where you bought it. Better given away for free than thrown in a river and cause damage.

Good luck or not Flowerhorns have stolen the hearts of many. Fish hobbyists all around the world have started buying them. It’s time you add colour to your homes and who knows good fortune might just follow!