'I want to do roles which will suit me'

'I want to do roles which will suit me'


'I want to do roles which will suit me'

Type ‘Hema’ on Google and ‘Malini’ pops up on its own! It is correct that the popularity of some stars remains intact even if they stay away from the screen. Having been in Bollywood for almost five decades, the actress still fondly referred to as ‘Dream Girl’ speaks to Metrolife about the secret of her longevity.

After inaugurating Chromophore & Ganpati series by siblings Dr Seema and Nitin Chaudhary, at Habitat Centre recently, where the Padamashree recipient was gifted with her own portrait, the star reminisced, “I used to paint when I was a child and got a lot of awards in school. If I start taking an interest again, I can get back to painting.”
“My childhood was spent in Delhi,” said the heroine adding that, “Twelve years of my life have been spent here. That time Delhi was quite bad. Now it is much better but Bombay is Bombay. I love Bombay!” (sic)

Though still a star for her fans, Hema feels her stardom is now past. “I was there once but with time it has become less, na,” she says in her South Indian accent. “I cannot be there all the time. As an artist I would love to be but there is always a phase for everything. Like Baghban had come to me. People have often asked me after that, ‘When are you coming back in films?’ but it should happen naturally. It doesn’t happen, though.”

With a heavy heart, the yesteryears actress expresses her longing for good roles. “I definitely want to do roles which will suit me today. Maybe they will come,” she sounds hopeful but rues, “In our industry they always make films for the younger stars unlike in Hollywood where they make films for mature actors also. There are films for women like Meryl Streep and all. I definitely would like to play such characters.”

Malini debuted in 1968 with Sapno Ka Saudagar and her last outing on the silver screen was with Tell Me O Kkhuda (as a director) in 2011. “I have learned a lot,” she says looking back at her journey. “It has been a great experience but more than that, I have gained a lot of love and recognition. Wherever I go, people still love me. The fact that even youngsters love me, gives me a nice feeling.”

Having ruled the hearts of millions, her advice to the newbies is, “to remember that this is a tough job and one should not get attached to it. It is the attachment that makes one depressed,” she warns sharing, “I was number one in my time and then without my knowledge, somebody else became number one. This happens all the time so the young girls and boys need to know that they cannot stick to their position and that it is only for a while. When I delivered my farewell speech at the Rajya Sabha, I’d said ‘This seat is very interesting but it is not permanent!”

Unlike the permanence of relations. With Ahana now engaged, will she miss her daughters? “I won’t miss her, infact I am gaining. Esha has brought Bharat, Ahana is bringing Vaibhav. I am getting two sons. So, they are with me and extending my family too.”