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Last Updated : 11 July 2013, 13:40 IST
Last Updated : 11 July 2013, 13:40 IST

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A common sight at many of the railway crossings in the City are chaotic traffic jams and people trying to squeeze in through the railway bar though a train is expected to pass by any moment.

One also can’t miss the sight of people carelessly walking across the tracks, without looking left or right to see, whether a train is approaching.

Many railways crossings, like those at Whitefield, Malleswaram, Hebbal and Kammanahalli-Fraser Town, face chaos despite the fact that these are manned by a guard.

There have also been many accidents in the recent past.

The authorities have tried to help ease the situation by constructing pedestrian over-bridges.

But many people avoid using this safe pathway as they do not want to climb stairs. Though the railways encourage people to use these bridges, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Many tell Metrolife that these railway crossings have become a catalyst for traffic congestion. It is also important to take some precaution while crossing these junctions.   
South Western Railways divisional railway manager S Mani says, “We have
constructed pedestrian over-bridges at two railway stations — Malleswaram and Bangalore East — where we used to have reports of people being run over by trains. As both the stations have only two tracks and two platforms, it was common to see commuters cross the tracks. So, we thought barricading the tracks was the only option
to stop this practice. And henceforth, everyone will have to compulsorily use the foot over-bridge.”

If the need arises, authorities will extend this system to other stations too. But Manju, a resident of Malleswaram, says that the issue must not only be addressed by the authorities but also by the people.

“Barricading the tracks will help to a certain extent but people must have the common sense to wait for the train to pass by and then cross. One can’t block all the tracks as some of them have traffic passing through,” he adds.

Agrees Dimple Goel, a professional, who has seen people carelessly cross the tracks at KR Puram and also faced traffic blocks near the crossing at Whitefield. 

“Just watching some of these people squeeze in through at the last minute is terrible. It’s strange that they don’t understand how a single hit can cost a life. I feel the authorities have to keep a guard at every crossing and build more over-bridges so that people can use them,” she adds.

Pilith, a student, faces traffic jams every morning at the Kaggadaspura railway crossing as there is some train passing by every hour.

“There is no one guarding these areas. So people do as they please. It’s especially dangerous because it is a residential area. Apart from placing more guards at these crossings, the authorities must also place more signboards to make people aware of
the crossing,” he adds.

While the authorities say that they are doing their best to reduce accidents, people will have to be more responsible and do their bit to protect themselves.

Published 11 July 2013, 13:40 IST

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