Unsafe lake bunds invite danger

Segregating the infected horses, prevented the disease from spreading

People of the district have become concious about missing metal crash-barriers for lakes, bordering main roads, in the wake of the mishap in Hassan district, in which a KSRTC bus plunged into Vishnusamudra, killing eight person on Tuesday.

Eight huge lakes in the district pose danger to road users, as the roads are either highways or district roads. Just a few days earlier to the Undabatti lake tragedy near Mysore, two years back, which claimed 31 lives, there was a major mishap in the district. Five persons were killed as a tractor fell into Nagavalli lake in the taluk.
Apart from major accidents that claim lives of people, minor accidents, which leave the victims injured, are being reported frequently. However, the authorities concerned have turned a blind-eye towards the problem.
As the district faced drought over the past two years, the lakes lay dry, minimising the danger to an extent. 
However, this year the monsoon has been better and lakes are being filled, aggravating the problem.
Nagavalli, Kodimole, Bendaravadi and Thammadahalli lakes in Chamarajanagar; Chikkaranganatha and Doddaranganatha twin lakes, Papanakere and Dhanagere lakes in Kollegal seem to be major problem areas in the district.
Chamarajanagar-Nanjangud-Mysore road runs on the bund of Bendaravadi lake. It also connects to neighbouring Tamil Nadu, via Erode, so it is a major road. However, the stretch on the bund is narrow, inviting danger.
The Nagavalli lake bund connects to BR Hills and other villages. Kodimole lake bund connects to Chandakavadi, Nagavalli and BR Tiger Reserve. Chamarajanagar-Udigala-Sagade road runs on Thammadahalli lake bund.
Chikkaranganatha and Doddaranganatha twin lakes lie on the way to Malemahadeshwara Hills. National Highway 209 (Bangalore-Dindugal) runs on Papanakere bund. The authorities concerned — officials as well as people’s representatives — have been neglecting the issue for long, despite demands from people for safety measures on lake bunds from time to time. 

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