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Dear sir,
I would like to seek some information regarding MBA. First of all, if I want to pursue my higher studies after BE, which course is better, M Tech or MBA? Secondly, if I choose MBA, which entrance exam should I take up? As I am doing my engineering in ENC branch which course in MBA would help me better in excelling? And lastly what are the job opportunities available after the completion of my PG?
Ashish K

Dear Ashish,
Choice between M Tech and MBA should be based entirely on your interest and aptitude.  If you are a logical and analytical person, focused only on your work, and have good concentration, you can pursue hardcore technology through ME, M Tech or MS. 
If you are a people-oriented person, good in financials, and have leadership abilities, then MBA would be the better option. 
Be aware that most good B-schools prefer to admit those who have work experience rather than fresh graduates – and you too can benefit from MBA much more if you join after a few years of industry exposure.  Finally, before you take the step, do explore beyond MBA and MTech – there are many other options such as civil service, research, marketing, business analytics, project management, military service, e-business, media, etc.

Dear Sir,
I am a Class IX CBSE student. I am intrested in space research and exploration. Which combination is suitable for me in PUC? Which are the top institutes offering higher studies in astronomy or astrophysics? I have a dream of working at NASA or ISRO. Please tell me about the courses that I can take up in this area.
A student

Dear student,
To back up your interest with proper research and understanding, start exploring all aspects of aeronautics, space, astrophysics etc. while you continue your studies. Since you are in CBSE, it may be better to continue in the same stream for your +2, taking up Math, Physics, Chemistry, and any fourth subject of your interest.  If you are a high-ranker and are ambitious, you can pursue Aerospace engineering in the IITs, NITs, or in Indian Institute of Space Science and Research (, which will give you a good chance of starting your career with ISRO or any multi-national in the field.  Astronomy or Astro-physics is generally offered only at the post-graduate level, and that decision you can take when you are nearing the end of your graduate studies.

Dear Sir,
I am really confused whether to spend so much money on studying Engineering or not. Because others say studying in any of the engineering colleges (through CET or COMED-K) won’t make a difference in Job opportunities or for joining MTech ahead.  Will it help if I join a reputed college than a normal one for BE?
Akhil Simha

Dear Akhil,
It always helps in many ways to study in a reputed and established institution, not only in terms of academics, but also environment, exposure, confidence building, wider information and better interaction with experts. If you are not particular and have no compelling reason to choose a specific branch of engineering, do take up any branch in a reputed college.  Then your chance of either doing M Tech or any other higher studies, and also your job opportunities, will be much better.

Dear sir,
I've finished my PUC in science stream. I was very much interested in medical field, but I may not get a seat as my ranking is 3574. I am interested in pure life sciences and am thinking of joining BSC (CBZ). please suggest me chances of further study and its scope in future.

Dear Yogesh,
While BSC with CBZ does lay the foundation for higher studies in life sciences, it depends on where you graduate from.  There are very attractive options through IISERs, IITs, NITs, BITS, IISc, and many others, to take up 4-year BS courses, or a 5-year Integrated MSC. 

If you are particular about being in healthcare, then you can explore various options in paramedical sciences, such as radiography, operation theatre technology, speech and audiology, optometry and many others, which are three or four year professional courses that qualify you to work with patients – and also open doors to higher studies in related fields.

Dear Sir,
I am studying in Class IX in a CBSE school. The reason I am writing this is because I can’t decide on what I should pursue next. I am inclined a lot towards engineering,literature and also law. I am very keen to go abroad on a scholarship basis. But I cannot decide which  course to take next. My parents are slightly pressuring me or in other words, my dad expects so much from me.
A student

Dear student,
It is perfectly all right to be confused at this stage – in fact it will help you explore deeper and take the right decision.  Start finding out as much as you can about each field of your interest viz, engineering, literature and law.  You can even add other options if you wish to, and then slowly start narrowing down to the one you like most, and have the necessary talent to do well in.  If you cannot make up your mind by the time you complete 10th, then you can take up Science at +2 level, and continue your exploration. 

By the time you complete your 11th (or 1st PUC) you should be in a position to decide and then start preparing for the relevant entrance exams.  If you just cannot make up your mind by then, you may get an aptitude test done by a professional and seek career guidance.

Dear Sir,
I had completed my BSc nursing course in the year 2012 and right now am working in an intensive care unit. I just feel it’s overload work for me and I can't continue my life in this profession. So I am planning to pursue higher studies in MBA in health care management and hospital administration. Could you provide some more information about it, such as its scope and the best college for MBA in health care management and hospital administration?

Both hospital administration and health care are very promising sectors, particularly for those who have a background in medical or paramedical studies. You can either do an MBA in this specialization or Masters in Hospital/Healthcare Administration (MHA).
Given below are some of the established institutions offering these courses;

Indian Institute of Health Management Research (Jaipur), Institute of Nursing Sciences (Mangalore, Administrative Staff College of India (Hyderabad, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), Dr M V Shetty Memorial Trust College (Mangalore), Narayana Hrudalaya (Bangalore), Institute of Health Management Research (Bangalore, Acharya College (Bangalore), Padmashree College of Hospital Management (Bangalore,, and Symbiosis Centre for Healthcare (Pune
Also explore alternatives like clinical research, dietetics and nutrition, bio-informatics, medical transcription, geriatric care, etc

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