A full course on cart

A full course on cart

at your service Selva prepares kodbales.

Selva inherited the cart from his parents. At sharp seven in the evening, you will find Selva and his helpers getting ready for the night. They manage to cook ragi roti, akki roti, piping hot bajjis, pakodas, nippatu, various dosas, hot holiges, rice items, paddu, etc.

While majority of the items are made on the spot, rice items and sweets like holiges are made at home and brought here. “The rush hour kicks in around eight at night. At that time, it will be a little difficult to handle the crowd, so we have to be well-prepared,” he says.

One of the popular requests is the kodbales which are fried only after you order them. The other must try is the pudi dose, akki roti and paddu, which is served along with either coconut chutney, onion chutney or the special vegetable saagu.

The cart also has a small corner where steaming tatte idlis are made. Just one plate of these big flat idlis is enough to fill any stomach. Mild on the spices and minimum oil usage for most items, this little joint is a hit with many customers. So much so that there are few who even request him and his family to cater to small family functions.  

While most of the customers are from the neighbourhood, there are also college students and teachers who visit this joint. There is absolutely no place to sit but one can either park on the side or just stand and indulge in the food like majority of those who visit this place. “What I really like about this place is that for a reasonable amount, one can actually have a full-course dinner. Start off with the bajjis, move on to the dosas and rotis and end it with the holiges,” suggests one of the customers.

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