Rains boost agricultural activities in Jayapura hobli

Rains boost agricultural activities in Jayapura hobli

Rains boost agricultural activities in Jayapura hobli

After suffering from drought for two consecutive years, good showers this monsoon has brought smiles on the faces of villagers of Jayapura hobli in Mysore taluk.

Though rains have promised temporary relief for these villagers, drinking water supply has continued to be a major problem.

Basavegowda, a resident of D Saalundi village, said, despite good rainfall and the reservoirs brimming in record time this year, water supply has only improved from ‘random water supply’ to ‘water once every week’.

“No rivers flow through the hobli. Elected representatives had promised that Kabini River water will be supplied to villages in the hobli. However, it was diverted to meet the water demands of the city,” he alleged.

Puttananjappa and Mahadevappa, both farmers and residents of Harohalli, have similar complaints. Though they are happy that rains have helped them grow crops such as ragi, jowar and other vegetables, drinking water continues to be a problem.

“From my experience as a farmer for the past five decades, rainfall has failed in the last six to seven years miserably. We do not get sufficient rains so as to fill lakes and ponds in the surrounding villages. Thanks to the average rainfall this year, we can at least grow some crops,” he said.

Mahadevappa, who expressed similar views, said, the hobli would be benefitted if an irrigation project was implemented.

Mallikarjuna, a farmer from Mandanahalli, said, he had to sink six borewells before he stuck water. “There is enough moisture in the land for cultivation, thanks to the rains. Despite depleting groundwater levels, I hope there will be enough water in the borewell to irrigate the land after monsoons,” he said.

Assistant Agricultural Officer of Jayapura Fakruddin, speaking about the drinking water problems in the region, observed that borewells dug do not strike water, even after reaching a depth in excess of 1,000 ft.

Projects planned

Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat P A Gopal said, though rains had benefitted the agricultural activities of the region, groundwater is far from being replenished.

“We have taken up works under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act to rejuvenate tanks and ponds in the area.

We are also promoting watershed activities in the region. In order to address the issue of rejuvenating groundwater, percolation pits have also been dug,” he said.