Garbage pollutes river in Gonikoppa

Garbage pollutes river in Gonikoppa

Garbage generated in Gonikoppa ends up on the banks of river Keere, causing irreversible damage to the environment. If the situation continues, then the river might become extinct from the scene in the near future.

The disposal of waste was not a problem in Gonikoppa in the past. However, with the expansion of the town, the quantity of waste generated also increased.

While residents living near water bodies dump domestic waste and garbage on their bank, local bodies channelise sewage waste into the river and used its bank as dump yard for garbage and other wastes.

Owing to the dumping of waste, the river has turned into a drain. During rainy season, the filthy water enters into the houses nearby. Three to four tractors of garbage is dumped on the banks of the river daily. 

As sewage water enters Keerehole which flows in Gonikoppa, the staunch smell from the water body welcomes the visitors to Gonikoppa. All the wastes from hotels, shops are being dumped.

Sometimes, plastics are burnt, thus creating problems related smoke.

Third block gram panchayat member Rajesh said “we need to find an alternative for dumping of waste in river. If we fail to find an alternative, the entire garbage will be dumped to the river, and will become breeding ground for contagious diseases.”

Gram panchayat President Pravi Monnappa said “we will chalk out a solution after holding discussion with elected representatives. The public also should cooperate with the local body.” Vice President Kullachanda Bopanna said “we need to segregate plastics from waste and plastics should be recycled. We need to take up scientific disposal of waste.”

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