Didn't get required political support: Dikshit

Didn't get required political support: Dikshit

Former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit Monday said she didn't get the political support from the party she should have.

"I didn't get the support from the party which I should have. The party and the government went separate ways and that was a problem. There should have been more cohesion," said Dikshit, while talking to a television channel.

Earlier in the day, Dikshit also said the Congress had so far not taken any decision on forming an alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

"We haven't taken a decision on supporting AAP. The AAP has categorically said it does not want to support anybody, nor do they require anybody's support. It is their decision," she said.

On being asked on what might have gone wrong given the Congress' poor performance in the  assembly polls, Dikshit said: "We haven't yet studied the whole thing."

"When we went to the elections, we went with absolute faith and confidence that our record of good governance in Delhi would be a factor that would make us win. Apparently, it wasn't the factor. We would have to look into what has happened," she said.

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