Creativity unleashed

Creativity unleashed

On Ramp

Creativity unleashed

Students of M S Ramaiah College.

What is common between law and fashion? One may keep wondering in vain.

But RampArt, the first day of the four-day fest of the National Law School of India University, showed how seamlessly both would blend as budding fashion designers and models showcased their talents.

Woven around the theme of Arabian Nights, the participating colleges came dressed in traditional Arabic attire. Mystical smoke, middle eastern music, men and women dressed as slaves, kings, queens... Bedouins and their odalisques ruled the night.

Mount Carmel College hit the ramp first, pegged on the theme, Sheikh and his Harem of gorgeous women. Then it was the turn of the M S Ramaiah's, whose students sought to revive 12th century AD West Asia. Prominent were the nose rings, worn by both the men and the women. The female models were dressed as dance girls and the male models were dressed as slaves, kings and courtiers. “Our idea is to revive heritage and relive an era gone by,” says Shilpi Chaudry, who designed the clothes for the evening.

The Aruna Institute of Fashion had its students weave together some colourful designs, steeped in embroidery.

The winner of best male model was Harish Gowda of MS Ramaiah College.
And it was a tie for the best female model with Krithika and Karishma from Mount Carmel College sharing the honours.

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