People's Problems

Operate more buses to TC Palya

Residents of TC Palya, Akshay Nagar, Anandpura, face a lot of problems due to shortage of buses on the route, especially during peak hours after 5.30 pm. Commuters have to wait for hours to get a bus near Channasandra Ring Road Junction. Sometimes, even after waiting for quite a while, buses do not arrive and the commuters are forced to hire an autorickshaw, paying the exorbitant fare.

The residents of these areas end up spending money on autos as well as bus passes, which in total costs a bomb. Moreover, there are no fixed schedule for the buses plying through TC Palya. The buses with route numbers 301E. 301F, 313T, 315, MF6, 300P ply till Shanthi Layout only, but none of them follow timings. The authorities need to ply buses more frequently and should be scheduled to ply at least with 15-20 minute frequency.

Lidvina Santosh

Garbage dumped on streets

Lack of civic sense among some of the Bangaloreans is very much evident in the way they throw garbage on street corners. One such corner is the ‘T’ Junction of 2nd Main Road and 9th Cross, Indiranagar 1st Stage. Instead of handing over their garbage bags to the Palike staff who come to collect it, the residents and the eateries around dump the waste at this junction, sometimes blocking half the road. The Palike is requested to display a board warning punishment to those who throw litter there. They need to keep a watch in the early mornings and late evenings to book the culprits.

D R Prasad Gupta,
Indiranagar I Stage

HMT Layout facing myriad civic problems

The people living in the vicinity of HMT Layout and surrounding areas at Nelakadirenahalli, Tumkur Road have been facing lots of civic problems for the last few years. The main road connecting 8th mile bus stop has deteriorated to such an extent that even walking on the road from 8th mile Petrol Bunk to Bellar Junction is an uphill task.

The road has been dug up for laying of water/sewage line and has not been filled up resulting in slush and mud all over. There has been no regular drinking water supply to this area from BWSSB; people have to depend on borewell, literally buying from water tankers.

Further, there is no bus connectivity to this area. Only one or two routes operate one schedule in the morning and in the evening. Even streetlights are few and far in between and many stretches are not safe in the night. The authorities concerned are requested to attend to the problems.

A R Ravichandran

Road turns dumping yard

The corner of the stretch near JP Nagar 6th Phase (the intersection of Rajiv Gandhi Road of Jaraganahalli and Kanakapura Main Road) is being used as a garbage dump for nearby residents as well as the BBMP garbage collector. The place looks like a big dump yard, making it difficult to walk on this stretch. It has become a breeding ground for  mosquitoes, posing health hazards. An official from the health department visited the place following my complaint. The next day, he sent a person to spray DDT! But, the problem has prevailed for months. Several complaints to the Palike have not yielded any action. The officials need to take steps to clear the garbage and beautify the place soon.


Footpath encroached by roadside vendor

A vendor has erected his pushcart on the footpath illegally to sell cigarettes, gutka and other articles, to the left side of the bus stop next to Gopalan Innovation Mall (junction of Jayadeva Circle and Bannerghatta Road - opposite Shoppers Stop).

Now, it has become a permanent fixture on the footpath. People, especially senior citizens who wait at this bus stop, are forced to inhale cigarette smoke.

The area around the bus stop is also very dirty. Could the authorities concerned kindly look into the issue and find a solution?

Nanjunda R

Irregular water supply

We, the residents of Government College Road, in KR Puram would like to bring attention to the very irregular Cauvery water supply to the area — in spite of paying normal dues and getting a connection.

It has been observed that some residents in 3rd Main have illegally fixed the pipe very low so that there will be more water pressure. This has resulted in some residents getting water with low pressure or with no water supply at all.

Complaining to valve men has proven to be of no help.  They are also asking us to follow the same practice. We ask that the BWSSB investigate the problem and put an end to the illegal practices being carried out as soon as possible.

Residents, 3rd Main, Govt College Road, KR Puram

Potholed roads in VP Layout

All the roads in 3rd Block of Vishwapriya Layout, Begur Ward No 192 have become a nightmare for residents due to large potholes and stagnant water.

This is a road which does not enjoy proper sanitation facility. The drains overflow whenever it rains, affecting movement of vehicles. Clogged drains also have the effect of increasing the mosquito population, posing serious hazard to health. The area is also facing plethora of civic problems.

The local elected representatives visit the area several times, but do not take any action.
The local corporator stays in 2nd Block of the layout. The authorities concerned are requested to take immediate steps to address the problem.

Mohan Kumar

Den of nefarious activities

The idyllic Bangalore East Station in Fraser Town has of late become the haunt of vandals, pickpockets and eveteasers. Not a day passes by without waiting passengers being subjected to one of these atrocities. The stone and concrete benches on the platform, meant for passengers to sit upon, are also encroached upon by beggars to sleep thus forcing the commuters to stand and wait to board the train. Besides, passengers disembarking at the station are at the mercy of haughty autorickshaw drivers who are adept at fleecing gullible travellers and demand exorbitant amounts. Will the officials concerned act to stem the rot?

N J Ravi Chander,
Fraser Town

Garbage sorting on road

Of late, the garbage collectors in JP Nagar 7th phase have started using the dead end of 6th 'E' Main Road (back gate of Brigade Gardenia Apartments) to sort collected waste. About four to five mini trucks unload garbage at this junction everyday.

As a result, the dirt left behind attracts stray dogs. And not to speak of rodents, crows and cows. The dogs turn hyperactive, barking between 12 pm and 4 am. A foul smell from the garbage has become a health concern.
Remedial action is requested at the earliest.

M Rajmani Kumar, Gaurav Nagar JP Nagar 7th Phase

Ply feeder buses in HSR Layout

Sectors 1,2,3 and 4 of HSR Layout lack bus facility, despite being fast developing layouts. One has to catch buses or alight from them at the Ring Road or Agara Junction. Traveling the last mile is really very difficult as one has to either walk or take an auto and always pay over the meter. It will be convenient if a shuttle bus plies from Agara Junction to all these sectors 1, 2, 3 and 4. A route that can be used is Agara Junction via Petrol bunk 27th Main Sector 1, 24th Main Baroda Bank Sector 1, KEB office Sector 2, 19th Main Nandini Cool Joint Sector 3 and then on to BDA complex. The bus can stop in 4th Sector and go to Agara. Thus, all sectors will be covered.

A resident, HSR Layout

Increase frequency of buses

There is shortage of buses on the route no 253 and 254, that connect Hesaraghatta to Malleswaram and beyond. There are no frequent buses and the existing buses are irregular.  People of Dwarakanagar, Soladevanahalli, Tarabanahalli and other areas have been put to great inconvenience due to this. Often some of the buses do not stop at Dwarakanagar, though officially it is a BMTC bus stop. As a result some of the students are missing their classes. The quality of buses too is poor as many seats are broken.

Raviraj B K, Dwarakanagar, Chikkabanavara

Stray dog menace in ITI Layout

Residents of ITI Layout in Mallathahalli, on the Outer Ring Road, are facing a lot of problems due to stray dog menace. The 80 feet road where the ITI Layout bus terminus is situated, has packs of stray dogs posing problem to people and in particular to two-wheeler riders. Further, the streetlights are put off as early as 5:25 am in the mornings on the 80 feet road, 5th, 6th and 7th mains creating difficulties for walkers as it is pitch dark and have stray dogs. The authorities concerned should look into the matter. The BBMP should get rid of the ferocious stray dogs and Bescom should keep the streetlights lit from 6 pm in the evenings to 6 am in the mornings.

S Vynatheya

Untreated drinking water

Of late, the Cauvery water  being supplied to residents of HSR Layout sector 1 is untreated and unhygienic. On many days the water will have a muddy colour. Even if the water is stored for a day in a pot or vessel, there are worms in the water. The BWSSB should look into the matter at the earliest before any water-bound diseases break out. Many are solely dependent on this water for drinking and cooking.

HSR Layout

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