Tharoor twitter account hacked

Minister of State for Human Resource Development Ministry Shashi Tharoor was forced to temporarily deactivate his twitter account after unknown person hacked it and posted several bizarre tweets on Wednesday.

The twitter account of his wife, Sunanda Pushkar, was also reported to be hacked. All the tweets posted in the Tharoor’s account were directed to a woman journalist in Pakistan Mehr Tarar .

“You unfollowed me. You don't RT me and you don't answer me on twitter. I can live with your favourites. I have your personal validation. I'm not crying any more. I'm not falling to pieces. I'm more lucid than ever. How little I knew you became visible to me.@mehrtarar,” was tweeted from Tharoors account.

Later, when Tharoor realised that his account was hacked, he immediately issued an alert, apologised to his followers for the bizarre messages posted in his name

“Sorry folks, my @Twitter account has been hacked & will be temporarily deactivated. Bear with me while we solve this,” he tweeted.

Tarar, meanwhile, surprised by the tweets, replied that she felt awful about what was being tweeted.

“I am sending @mehrtars bbbm msgs to the works to see what a horrible woman she is and how she is stalking my husband,” the alleged hacker twitted from the Pushkar’s account.

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