C B Pur govt offices in bad shape

C B Pur govt offices in bad shape

Space in front of the DCs office has been converted into parking lot by private operators

C B Pur govt offices in bad shape

Strangely, Chikkaballapur which is a district head quarters, lacks a mini vidhana soudha and its construction still seems elusive.

In the absence of a mini vidhana soudha, most of the taluk-level government offices, Deputy Commissioner’s office and other offices are functioning in the buildings built during British administration. All most all of these building have tiled roofs and  resemble old houses and are in a dilapidated condition.

The roof tops of many rooms in the Deputy Commissioner’s office and taluk offices leaks during the rainy reason.

The problem is bothering many officials working in these offices as computers have been installed in these rooms to implement e-administration. The officials who are now storing the data in computers fear losing of data during the rainy season, as water leakages can effect computers.

One of the offices worst effected by the lack of mini vidhana soudha is taluk office complex which has many government offices. The computer section behind the complex is not only housed in a old building but also in a small room.

Earlier, the complex also housed office of  Deputy Registering Officer. Currently it houses offices of District and taluk Treasury department.

Officials share table

The officials working in these offices share a table with as many as 3 other colleagues. The office of tahsildar is also a small room.

Further the furniture- doors, windows, table, chair, fan and others are very old and exposes their vulnerability. Cracks on the walls of the office building are quite prominent and water percolates through them in the rainy season.

This has lead to the destruction of many valuable records. However, some of the officials have taken advantage of this and helped culprits in making false land documents and khata records.


Further, there is lack of security in these buildings. Two incidents of theft have already occurred at taluk office complex.

DC’s Office

Though the office of  Deputy Commissioner is in a similar condition it as an added problem. The huge vacant space in front of the office is used for parking by many private transport operators. Only few vehicles of officials are parked in the space while majority of them belongs to private people. Hence people coming to these offices for official work don’t have space to park their vehicles.

Though it is two years since Chikkaballapur was declared district, the absence of a mini vidhana soudha for taluk-level offices as hampered its growth.