Being helped by God

In life’s tumultuous journey, there are bound to be ups and down, and mountains and adjoining valleys. There are bound to be intransigencies and vicissitudes, for no one can expect to always lead a laid-back existence with no challenges and problems.

However, occasionally, in some situations, the odds are sometimes stacked against one so overwhelmingly and overbearingly that one indeed feels like throwing in the towel and exclaiming, ‘Enough is enough!’ There does not appear to be a silver lining in the dark cloud nor does there seem to be sunlight at the end of the exceedingly long dark tunnel. One has reached, as it were, almost the end of one’s tether.

However, though easier said than done, it is imperative that one holds on, however hard it is. Playing the blame game, giving in to vociferous temper tantrums and creating embarrassing scenes are not solutions. As human beings, it is but natural to give in to emotional justifications and retaliate by saying it’s only ‘an eye for an eye.’ However, Gandhi himself said, “An eye for an eye will only succeed in making the whole world blind.”

However, what is to be done in a seemingly hopeless scenario where try as one might, there is no solution or resolution? In such scenarios, one does have a recourse, and that is turning to a omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God, who will not let one down, come what may. As one reassuring quotation says, “If God can take you to it, He can take you through it, too.” Another beautiful, comforting quotation that can warm the cockles of even the most embittered soul is, “The grace of God will never take you to a situation where the love of God will not protect you.”

The following story will do much to reassure one about the greatness of God’s love. A man’s life was shown by his taking a walk with God on a beach. Though for most parts of the journey, there were two sets of footprints on the beach’s sands, it happened that during the sad times in the man’s life, there was only one set of footprints.
The man noticed this, became indignant and was ready to give up even on God. With tears streaming down his face, he beseeched God, “How could you forsake me when I was at the saddest, most lost and lonely times of my life?” For which God turned to him and replied, “It was during the saddest parts of your life, when you were all alone and had absolutely no one, you see only one of set of footprints because it was during those sad times that I was carrying you.” The man broke down completely on seeing the steadfast, undeterred and pure love of God.

So, should one come across a near hopeless situation where one feels totally at sea, one should recall the above story, acknowledging and believing with all one’s heart and soul that God WILL help. One should say to one’s self, “Nothing is going to happen to me today that God and I together can’t handle.” Amen to that.

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