'Cong responsible for degrading nation abroad'

'Cong responsible for degrading nation abroad'

Rise in number of atrocities against women illustrates the failure of Cong, alleges Shobha

The BJP candidate for Udupi-Chikmagalur Lok Sabha constituency candidate Shobha Karandlaje alleged that Congress government should be held responsible for the degrading status of the nation abroad.

Addressing the gathering in the BJP women convention here on Sunday, the MP candidate ridiculed that India has lost its status and also the respect to the leadership of the nation among other countries, following Congress incapability to handle cross border terrorism and also cross border illegal encroachments by the neighbouring countries. She said that the nation has to bow its head down with disgrace owing to impotent Congress government.

The Indian embassies are also looked down in the foreign countries She alleged that Congress is into luring the Muslim community people as it uses them for vote bank politics. She added that Congress has always followed divide and rule policy in the name of secularism. Alleging that the Congress is a communal party, she said that the Congress is also responsible in destroying the sanctity in the religious institutions. The entire system is destabilized during the past 10 years under the government rule.

Karandlaje alleged that Congress has also failed to provide a secured atmosphere for women and girls. She said the increasing number of atrocities in the country against women illustrates the failure of Congress to protect women.

Former MLA Raghupathy Bhat said BJP is the beneficiary following the huge number of women voters in the constituency. Women teams will be formed at booth level to approach the voters and make them aware about the corruption and anti people governance of the Congress government.

Bhat said Congress is accusing BJP for all anomalies. Congress is creating artificial scarcity of water in Udupi CMC area. The water level in both Baje and Shiroor reservoirs are sufficient until June 15, he added.