A challenging experience


'Ikya’, a two day inter-collegiate fest organised by Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology, received a great response from students across the City.

The fest was a great success and had a plethora of events such as fashion show, movie making, battle of bands, mock press, classical dance, mime show, battle of the DJs, street dance, fusion group dance, classical folk dance, instrumental music, gaming, mad ads 
and fine arts.

The students had a great time organising the fest. 

Roshan Lakshmipathy, one of the coordinators, said that the fest was a learning experience. 

"It was a very challenging and rewarding experience. We got to experience a lot of things that we would never have come across otherwise. I am grateful to my college for giving me this opportunity. It was a test of patience and skills and the hard work paid off,” he said.

Roopashree Tantri, the 
cultural coordinator of the college, said that the hard work put in by the students and faculty was one the major reasons for the success of the fest. 

“Students from over ten colleges were a part of the fest. They could be seen enjoying the events and we are glad that so many students came for the fest. Different cultural, literary and dramatic events were held at the fest. Students put in a lot of effort and everything was conducted and organised very well,” she noted.

Students could be seen enjoying the cultural function and other events like battle of the bands with their friends. Some talented college bands showcased their music at the fest. 

Neha, a student who was a part of the dance club, said that the fest was a lot of fun. 

“We got a huge platform to showcase our talent. It was a lot of fun and we ended up learning a lot. It was very special for all of us as we got a much-needed break from academics. We are now all set to go back to studies and are looking forward to the next academic year,” she explains.

The two-day fest taught the students a lot. They learnt key skills and said that now they are better equipped to handle problems and big events.

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