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Last Updated 09 April 2014, 15:09 IST
Are we not always advised to take a ‘heavy’ breakfast and not skip the morning meal at all? 

But does heavy equates with more of quantity, if so, then how much can one eat in the sweltering heat of summers? 

Metrolife speaks to food experts and chefs to demystify the ‘heavy’ breakfast for you!
“The kind of lifestyle we lead these days, butter-laden paranthas are not exactly the best way to start your day. You could end up being lethargic throughout the day. But for those who like to stick to their basics, idli, upma, kanda poha etc are healthier and equally filling options,” recommends Chef Jiten Singh, corporate executive chef, Amour Bistro. 
Food Expert Bharati Sanghi concurs, “Parantha is considered as a part of Indian food culture, so one can’t eliminate it from the breakfast menu. But yes, to stay healthy we can subtract that extra floating butter from our morning plates.  And to make paranthas even healthier you can add oats in the filling. It’s advisable to have less-spicy food in summers, so one can have plain dosa or idli instead of masala dosa.” 
She goes on to advise, “A heavy breakfast means a proper whole meal which keeps you full till 1:00 or 1:30 in the afternoon and allows you to have a light lunch and an early dinner.” 
On the same note, Anshuman Mohta, director - Food and Beverage, Market Cafe, suggests, “Butter -dripping paranthas or masala-packed dosas are never healthy for the system, however, if one would want to indulge in them then morning/breakfast time is the right time. Although it is bound to make you feel lethargic and sleepy as the body will take time to digest the food and convert it into energy and your metabolism would dip.”
Chef Tarini Kapur leaves us with some delectable breakfast dishes such as barley or oats cheela stuffed with veggies or whole wheat sandwiches stuffed with eggs/sprouts along with vegetables, adding, “It is not important that breakfast should be a heavy meal, but the important thing is that it should be healthy and balanced. It may not include 
butter or desi ghee still, it should add satiety value to your stomach.”  

(Published 09 April 2014, 15:08 IST)

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