'Bharath Nirman, development are fake assurances'

'Bharath Nirman, development are fake assurances'

CPI(ML) flays Cong, BJP, JD(S) and 'fake' Left parties

CPI(ML) Polit Buro Member R Manasaiah criticised the political parties that have so far ruled the country for making the life hell for Indians by making it a heaven for multi-national companies.

Liberalisation is termed as ‘Bharath Nirman’ by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi calls as ‘development.’ The JD(S) and ‘fake’ Left parties too are in support of globalisation, he said.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, he said that the development index of India is at 9.5 per cent even to this day. Despite the ruling parties boasting of investing crores of rupees, they have created only 1.6 per cent employment in 2005 and 14 per cent in 2012-13. If the same political parties continue to govern, the employment ration will increase in the same slow pace and reach 30 per cent by 2020, he calculated.“The per capita food production in India was 171.1 kg per year in 1961, while it has fallen down to 160 kg in 2011-12. The remaining 53 per cent of the people are deprived of drinking water. Cooking gas facility has been provided to only 29 per cent of the population. About 60 crore of Indians do not have electricity connection even to this day,” he revealed the development statistics.

Further, he said that the development portrayed by Modi and ‘Bharath Nirman’ assured by Rahul Gandhi are full of lies. This is a way of portraying corporate sector. This election has only witnessed debates of politics and not about the demands of the people and the country, Manasaiah said.

“Issues like providing land to poor, encroachment problem in Malnad are not discussed in the election. A clear distinction has to be made between encroachment and land infringement with wrong motive. Those who have swallowed large portion of land are trying to save their land by using poor encroachers. All political parties have united to protect those who have encroached land to satisfy their greed,” the CPI(ML) leader alleged.