Hospital performs Rotablation surgeries

Hospital performs Rotablation surgeries

Those who cannot undergo bypass surgeries, owing to old-age and other ailments can opt for ‘Rotablation or Rotational Atherectomy’. For the first time in Mysore, JSS Hospital has performed this painless surgery upon two sexagenarians.

Addressing media persons, here, on Tuesday, Dr Arun Srinivas, head of department of Cardiology, JSS Hospital, said, Rotablation was a recent development in interventional Cardiology.

This is a revolutionary procedure to remove blockade in the coronary arteries, supplying the blood to the heart. “New techniques have come as a boon for those, whom open heart surgery poses a high risk owing to age factor,” he said.

He said, the blockage is removed with a device which rotates at a very high speed. The procedure is minimally invasive and does not inflict any major surgical injury to the patient, and the patient will be fit enough to be discharged in a day or two.

Two patients, aged 63 and 66 years, with a previous history of heart attacks and multiple blockages in their coronary arteries, underwent the surgery. The hospital conducted both surgeries free of cost. BPL card holders and other government scheme beneficiaries can avail the surgery, said Arun.

Cardiologist Dr Shyam Prasad Shetty added: “There are no stitches, no cuts. It is as good as a keyhole surgery”.