Haryana's khap okays inter-caste marriage

Haryana's khap okays inter-caste marriage

In changing times, one Satrol Khap panchayat in Haryana, on Sunday passed a revolutionary resolution allowing marriages outside villages within its domain and permitting inter-caste marriages.

Till now, marriages within and outside villages in the Satrol Khap, which controls 42 villages that falls under its jurisdiction, were banned. Talking to Deccan Herald, Inder Singh, chief of Satrol Khap said Sunday’s decision taken in the meeting held in Narnaund village has eased out centuries old tradition.

“Now, village boys and girls can marry in any of the 42 villages, but not the immediate neighbouring village. Same gotra (clan) marriage still is a complete no. But inter caste marriages and marriages within different gotra’s was approved today.”

In another decision, the Khap Panchayat formally approved a resolution under which the 42 villages will not accord sanctity to any communities like Jats, Ahirs, etc. Instead, all in the villages will be considered equal without bringing in any perceived superior or lower image of a particular community,” he said.

Satrol Khap, which spans its jurisdiction in large parts of Hisar district, represents all the 36 communities. Youth avant-garde Sarpanch of the village Bibipur in Haryana, Sunil Jaglan, too attended the meeting. He said the decision is a welcome step and it will address the problem of chronic bachelors galore in Haryana.