Your next door neighbour could be the next big celebrity chef!

Your next door neighbour could be the next big celebrity chef!

Having lived in a locality for long, there are often times when we run out of options to eat out. 

The thought of the same food and the same taste, fails to inspire our taste buds! Neither does the thought of getting dressed up and driving out to a dhaba on the highway or a restaurant in the city centre for a fine experience. 

So, how about authentic sarson ka saag simmered in dollops of ghee or exotic varieties of teas served right at your doorstep? 

Yes! This is for real! An online food network does just that by connecting you to home-based chefs in your neighbourhood, who can cater to your family get-togethers, by dishing out whatever you want.

So, how does it work? You fill up your pin code that generates a list of your neighbourhood chefs or just search by the cuisine and get connected to the chefs of your choice. Want to sample it? Hear it from the horse’s mouth! 

Samphan is a home-based chef behind The Thai Kitchen. 

She is originally from Thailand and has been staying in Delhi for over a decade now. 

After having worked with renowned restaurants Baan Thai, Lemongrass as a Thai chef in Delhi, she is now a homemaker, who cannot give up on her love affair with the culinary world. 

“We offer customers varied variety of authentic homemade food which is at par with five star restaurant foods. We also have a better understanding of Indian taste and palate. We do not offer so-called Punjabi-Thai food, but authentic Thai food prepared from original Thai ingredients,” says Samphan. 

The food network now has 35 chefs under its umbrella, says Vedant Kanoi, the co-founder of the venture, elaborating, “We have added a chef that does artisan tea, coffee and cookies, and another one who does gourmet healthy frozen snacks. It is difficult to find authentic regional food like Goan, Kashmiri, Marwadi or Bohri in Delhi, but at we have a variety of regional and international cuisines all in one place. Also for customised food requirements for parties and get-togethers, it is the easiest solution giving you many cost-effective options to choose from the comfort of your home.”

Sharing her passion for food, another chef, Nandita Shamlal from Cinnamon & Chives says, “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with how chefs could take simple ingredients and make it taste heavenly. When I came across this platform on social media I thought it was an innovative concept that could bring home cooks like me 
and foodies together on a new platform.” 

Replicating the concept of street-chai, Shrey Vij’s Jugmug Thela offers an array of brews. 

Relating an instance, he says, “During Elle decor design week, a customer came to the thela saying that typically it was against her principles to buy a cup of tea for Rs.50.

However, after she had our chai she admitted ‘it seems I will have to go against my principles often.’

" Going by that compliment it seems, the City’s restaurant owners have some serious competition coming up their alley! 

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