Retd Pak major key link between Headley, terrorists in Pak

Retd Pak major key link between Headley, terrorists in Pak


Retd Major Abdur Rehman Hashim Syed, also known as Pasha or major, has been charged by the FBI in a Chicago court on two counts of conspiring terror attacks in association with Headley, the US national of Pakistani-origin, and two other Pakistan-based terrorists.

Abdur Rehman coordinated with HuJI leader Ilyas Kashmiri and a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operative to commit terrorist acts involving murder and maiming outside the US, and conspired within and outside the US to provide material support to that conspiracy, the FBI said in its 42-page charge sheet.

Headley, arrested on Oct 3, has been charged with criminal conspiracy in Mumbai terror attacks and having links with Rehman who liaised between him and terror groups including LeT and HuJI, according to an FBI charge sheet.

Rehman has also been charged with participating in planning a terrorist attack in Denmark, and coordinating with Headley in his surveillance of the intended targets.

Pasha, referred to as individual A in FBI documents, also facilitated communication on planning of an attack between Headley and another terrorist leader identified as LeT Member A and Ilyas Kashmiri, a leader of Harakat-ul Jihad-al Islami.

According to the FBI charge sheet, Rehman corresponded with Headley beginning late 2008 by email or telephone in coded language regarding the "Micky Mouse Project" -- their plot to attack the facilities of a Danish newspaper.

After travelling to Copenhagen, Headley visited Pakistan wherein Rehman took him to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) region in northwestern Pakistan to solicit Kashmiri's participation in the plot.

Following his return from Pakistan, Headley communicated with the LeT leader, who now had shifted his plan from Denmark to India, which has referred as "new investment plan".

The FBI has also released transcripts of a series of telephone calls between Headley and Rehman on reports of Kashmiri's death in a drone attack in FATA.

In his conversation, Rehman assured Individual A (Headley), telling him that "this is business sir; these types of things happen," the FBI says. Kashmiri has been referred to as "doctor" in these recorded conversations.

Rehman was arrested by Pakistani authorities in the summer of this year, but was later released.

"You, you have invested in the business, after that you must show some patience, which is necessary," Rehman said in a telephonic conversation on August 22.

The conversation also made clear that "property," "investments" and other business terms were used as cover terms for violent actions, the charge sheet said.

The FBI charge sheet says that LeT shifted its focus from Denmark to potential terrorist attack in India, which is reflected in the series of emails and telephonic conversations that Headley had with Rana, Abdur Rehman and the LeT member.

Telling Rehman that he would make himself available to perform their operation in Mumbai, Headley said: "I like the option B. I can do it on my own that is it... I am qualified I have studied accounting... I do not need anybody's help".

Headley not only made several trips to Mumbai between 2005 and 2008 capturing video and pictures of possible targets and a boat ride to identify the sea route for terrorists, but also travelled to other cities taking videos of several possible terrorist targets, federal prosecutors said.

In March 2008, the FBI alleged that Headley met with other co-conspirators, and discussed potential landing sites for a team of attackers who would arrive by sea in Mumbai.

He was instructed to take boat trips in and around the Mumbai harbour and take surveillance video, which Headley did during his stay in India starting in April 2008.

Headley has also been charged on six counts for the murder of six American nationals who died in the Mumbai terrorist attack.