Why protesters mum about MP, asks Bhopaiah

'Role of MLA negligible when compared with MP in HT line'
Last Updated 25 April 2014, 18:54 IST

The high-tension electricity wire project, which passes through Kodagu to Kerala is planned by the Central government and the role of a local MLA is negligible in the process.

Still, why the protesters who oppose the project don’t shout slogans against MP H Vishwanath, questioned Virajpet MLA K G Bhopaiah. He was addressing the party workers during a thanksgiving ceremony, at Bhalabhavan in Kodagu, on Friday.

Speaking for the first time about the controversial project, Bhopaiah said that the protesters don’t know against whom they are protesting. They are making me a victim without any reason.

 “The project is under the Central government and the Power Grid Company which is implementing the project is also affiliated to the government. Though the MLA has no role in this, they are blaming us just for the purpose of Lok Sabha election. I have not signed any agreement. I have maintained my hand and mouth clean. I have a strong self-confidence because I have committed no mistake,” he said.

Meanwhile, he warned a few BJP leaders who reportedly took part in the protests, to be sincere to the party or to leave the party.

“In the last elections, some have tried caste weapon against me, still I could beat them because of the hard work of the party workers,” he said.  Earlier, BJP District General Secretary Manu Muttappa alleged that MP Vishwanath had met the protesters who were protesting against the high-tension wire project, aiming at the Lok Sabha election.

Convenor Addanda Karyappa termed the protest against the project as bogus. Some are targeting MLA K G Bhopaiah and they are not questioning the MP who is accountable for the project, he added.

BJP Madikeri taluk President Taloor Kishore Kumar presided over the function. District Chief Secretary Naapanda Ravi Kalappa, Convenor Subrahmanya Upadhyaya, Zilla Panchayat President B Shivappa and others were also present.

Simha thanks party workers

Mysore- Kodagu Lok Sabha constituency BJP candidate Pratap Simha has also thanked the party men who had worked for him during the election campaign. He said that there may be poor in India, their cloths may be dirty, but they have a clear mind.

They have deep love towards the country. They are expecting a good, capable leader as prime minister. Madikeri MLA Appachu Ranjan claimed that Pratap Simha will emerge victorious in the election. 

(Published 25 April 2014, 18:54 IST)

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