Hurray! It's holiday

Hurray! It's holiday

Hurray! It's holiday

The holidays are here and students are enjoying the long break with friends and family.

While some are heading to holiday destinations with friends, others have decided to pursue a special course to add to their skills.

Other than going to places like Goa, Ooty, Kodaikanal etc, some students with adventurous streak are going to the hills and forests for interesting activities like trekking and mountaineering.

Those in the final year are gearing up for the many projects that they would have to take up in the next academic year.

However, the students are happy to finally get a long break after a gruelling academic session and are looking forward to make the most of it.

There are also those who have taken up summer jobs to earn some quick buck.

Chandini, a first-year BSc fashion designing student, says that she is really excited as she will be visiting Mangalore with her friends.

“This is perhaps the first time that I have planned a visit a destination with my friends. I am counting days and praying that the weather in Mangalore is better so that we can be outdoors.”

Simran, a second-year PUC student of Jain College, JC Road, says that she wants to do something different this year during the holidays. “I am learning to play the guitar. I have almost picked it up and want to spend some time with my friends and family during the holidays and also explore the City.”

Faisal, a second-PUC student of Jain College, Jayanagar, says that he has a lot to do this holiday season and is looking forward to the big break when he can utilise the time to the fullest.

“I love holidays and this year, I am planning to go for a short trip to Goa. I have also enrolled for a summer job so that I can learn something and make use of the experience later on. I also don’t want to waste any time and a summer job or an internship will ensure that I don’t while away time and pick up something new.”

Ashwini, a second-year BSc student of Oxford College of Science, says that she is all set for a holiday with friends and her itinerary is ready.

“We have planned everything and now we just need to hit the road. We are praying that the weather in the City is cooler so that we can come back after our holiday and spend some time outdoors with our friends here.” 

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