Many varsities in India lack good governance: Ex-CJI

Many varsities in India lack good governance: Ex-CJI

Many varsities in India lack good governance: Ex-CJI

Several universities in India do not meet the basic requirement of simple good governance, according to former Chief Justice of India Rajendra Babu.

“Even though the country's economy has grown through globalisation, we have to think about global competitiveness of the graduates of India. The resources and critical analysis devoted to education is disproportionately small, smaller than in our eastern neighbourhood, let alone those in the West,”Justice Babu said here on Tuesday.

He was addressing a gathering at the 49th convocation of Bangalore University.

Justice Babu, who is also the former chairperson of National Human Rights Commission that many universities in India do not match the best in the world. In fact, the international perception is that they do not even match the universities established in East Asia – not only in China, but even in small countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan or even Singapore.

Holding a mirror to the plight of higher education in India, Justice Babu said that there was a need for reforming the education system in the country.

‘Graduates unemployable’

“When it comes to their competitiveness, many industrial leaders are of the opinion that Indian graduates are not employable. However, there are Indians abroad who are in top positions and have won Nobel prizes,” he said, adding that the problem was not with the ability of Indians but with the system.

Describing the Indian education system ‘very rigid,’ Justice Babu said that the present system stifles creativity in the youth.

Most universities give package courses and the students cannot opt for subjects of their choice or make their own package. The public examination in India shuts the doors for the young men rather than opening new avenues of opportunities for them. The conditions for recruitment too are over-specific, he said. He felt that several institutes of technology were found wanting in knowledge of history and philosophy and even of the subjects they offer.

Justice Babu suggested that the framework of education should focus more on excellence, expertise and innovation to tackle its systemic problems.

Not vacating Raj Bhavan, says Guv

Dismissing speculations about vacating Raj Bhavan before the completion of his tenure, Governor H R Bhardwaj said it was not a question of his desire.

“I have been appointed by the President for five years. I only report to the President. I cannot vacate Raj Bhavan until another governor is appointed.” He said his term ends on June 29, 2014.