BMTC to fit old buses with ignition switch to prevent theft

Last Updated 16 June 2014, 20:44 IST

Baffled by incidents of buses being stolen and found abandoned, BMTC officials, on Monday, directed that all old buses be installed with customised ignition switches to prevent such incidents in future.

BMTC Managing Director Anjum Parvez said all old buses do not have key ignition buttons. So, the corporation is working on retro fitting of key button. 

“Such buses actually constitute 55-60 per cent of the total fleet. We are making efforts to ensure that such incidents do not recur. A formal complaint has been lodged. If need be, an internal inquiry will be conducted,” he said. 

The old ordinary buses do not require the key to start and thus are easy prey for miscreants to drive them away, a BMTC official said. 

Following the new directive, all old buses will be fitted with ignition buttons which will require a key to be inserted inside for them to start.

While officials rule out any motive for stealing diesel or spare parts, they claim it is some mischievous elements or those with criminal intent spiriting away these buses.

Installation of GPS

Incidentally, as part of Intelligent Transport System, the entire fleet of BMTC buses was supposed to have Global Positioning System to track their movement. However, the project is moving at a snail's pace. So far, only 200 buses are fitted with GPS. A senior official said that by October-end, work on installing GPS in buses will be completed. 

Officials said they are also trying to ascertain the motive behind such incidents, ruling out connivance of staff. 

(Published 16 June 2014, 20:44 IST)

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