No luxury of 'honeymoon period' for my govt: PM

Last Updated 26 June 2014, 20:45 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose government completed one month in office on Thursday, said every decision the Centre has taken so far was guided solely by national interest. Modi, however, said unlike the previous governments, he didn’t have the “luxury” of a “honeymoon period”.

In an open letter to the nation, Modi said he sensed a gap in communicating his government’s “intentions and sincerity to bring a positive change in this country.”

The prime minister said he does not blame anybody “but I surely feel that we need to strengthen systems whereby the right things are communicated to the right people at the right time. Hopefully, things will change then.”

Modi said: “A big challenge I am facing in Delhi is to convey to a select group of people our intentions and sincerity to bring a positive change in this country.

These are people who are both within and outside the government. There have been some instances with which our government had nothing to do yet these controversies have persi­sted,” Modi said. But he did not specify the controversies in the lett­er which was posted on his website www.narendramodi.i n.

Modi said he had no luxury of a “honeymoon” period as a “series of allegations” started in less than 100 hours but he admitted that there were “areas where surely we need to improve.”

“Sixty-seven years of previous governments’ (rule) is nothing compared to one month, but I do want to say that in the last month, our entire team has devoted every single moment for the welfare of the people,” Modi said.

Expressing his commitment to take India to “greater heights in the years to come,” he asserted that “my confidence and determination has increased tremendously.”

He said: “When we took over a month ago, I kept thinking that I am new to this place and some people believed that I would take at least a year or even two to learn the intricacies of the working of the Central government.

A month later, that thought does not exist any longer in my mind. My confidence and determination have increased tremendously and I credit a substantial part of this to the collective experience and wisdom of my ministerial colleagues and also to my experiences as a four-time chief minister.

The affection of the people and support from officials has also added to this confidence in a large measure.”

Recalling his interaction with the ministers and bureaucrats, Modi said they had been making detailed presentations to him.

“I must share that these presentations have enabled a wonderful exchange of thoughts and ideas and we have come up with excellent roadmaps for the various ministries and departments.”

(Published 26 June 2014, 20:45 IST)

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