Achieving a milestone

Last Updated 30 June 2014, 13:25 IST

Proud parents and excited students strode into the grounds of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School on Sunday to witness the celebrations of its 150th anniversary.

As the chattering voices under the blue skies and nostalgic tunes in the background died down, the crowd became quieter.

The chief guest of the evening was former president  APJ Abdul Kalam, who made a grand entry. The event marked the unveiling of a memorabilia for the sesquicentennial block by Abdul Kalam, which is an academic block that will house two exam centres, classrooms, staff rooms, music rooms and an old Cottonian centre.

It was described as one of the contributions by the present Cottonians to the
future generation. The event started with a school song by the staff and students of Bishop Cotton Boys’ and Girls’ School, followed by a prayer.

A thundering applause resounded across the grounds as Abdul Kalam lit the lamp. He was welcomed by principal John K Zachariah, who described him as “one of the greatest Indians and forward-looking presidents”.

Abdul Kalam captivated the audience by starting his address in a very light-hearted tone. “In the life of an institution, 150 years is a unique period as it means that the Earth has orbited around the sun 150 times with Bishop Cotton’s. 150 years mean that every year has added new students to arts, science, literature and politics,” he said.

He threw in a few personal anecdotes about how he went on to study aeronautics. He also inspired youngsters to become unique by having a great aim in mind, acquiring knowledge and working hard.

He also shared his insights on the qualities of a beautiful home and said that a beautiful home must have a library and a happy mother as it would transform to a happy society.
“Don’t make problems your captain. Become the captain of your problems and defeat them,” he emphasised.

The inspiring speech was followed by a melodious concert by Usha Uthup.    An air of pride and hope lingered as everyone wished for the future growth of the school. The attending parents and students enjoyed the evening.

“The speech was inspiring and the celebrations were good. It was great that Abdul Kalam motivated the students, who are in the throes of their education,” said Suhas, one of the parents at the event.

(Published 30 June 2014, 13:25 IST)

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