Crazy about comedy!

Crazy about comedy!

Laugh Riot

Crazy about comedy!

The air that hung in Elaan Convention Centre, JP Nagar, had a different feel as everyone waited with baited breath for Johnny Lever. 

 The evening started with Nishanth, RJ of Red FM,  and Gaurav Sharma, one of the participants of ‘Laughter Challenge 2’ who opened the show and set the tone with their sleazy and slapstick humour. 

   His stand up act ended with a message to respect women and Gaurav Sharma made a grand entry with a band that played on the side for ten minutes, before Johnny Lever made his way. By the time Gaurav Sharma finished his act, the audience were in splits. 
They hung on to every bit as he joked on slices of everyday troubles like traffic, commented on the latecomers who were sauntering inside and enthralled the audience with light hearted jokes. 

   His spontaneity and unpredictableness set the stage for Johnny Lever. The great comedian then made his grand entry. 

Lever came on stage with a band on the side that played an encore and immediately got into his act. 

He threw in incidents of his childhood, when he survived by selling pens and creating nuisance in the city, until the municipal corporation came and threw him out.  

Lever imitated old actors like Ashok Kumar and Omprakash when he acted like someone who sold pens. He performed an act which showed two foreigners trying  to catch two Indians on a train.  

However, the highlight and what set the ball rolling was about getting  stuck in customs.

 Lever’s acts as a child, the narration of his struggles and experiences didn’t look like hard as it came with a great sense of humour.  The audience laughed their hearts out and were happy to see the comedian’s live act.