Unleashing one's creativity

Unleashing one's creativity

Unleashing one's creativity

Workbench Projects, in collaboration with the BMRCL presented ‘Maker Weekend’ at the
Rangoli Metro Arts Centre recently.

 ‘Maker Weekend’ is a call for people from diverse backgrounds whose innovations remain unrecognised.   “From homemakers yearning to share an idea to professionals juggling with their maker spirit and careers, and  college students who are often perplexed with the chosen discipline to school-goers, it’s meant for all,” said Anupama Prakash, Co-owner, Workbench Project.

She added, “Addressing this need, the ‘Maker Weekend’ will provide a platform to the makers of all age groups to bring out their creativity. We will assist them with the tools and give them the required guidance. They can even take home their creation. Of the many weekend themes lined up, the first one will be dedicated to wood-work followed by green initiatives, panel discussions and so on.”

So how did the idea come about? “Pavan, my fellow founder, and I come from different backgrounds. We always wanted to see how an artist and an engineer worked together and the challenges that come along when people from different disciplines come together for a creative process.

We wanted to create a space for makers consisting of machines and tools and also mentor them to execute their ideas,” added Anupama.

‘Maker Weekend’ had a series of events like panel discussion followed by a workshop and also a performance by the band ‘Heart Strings’.

“‘Workbench’ already exists as a movement and even in India, many people are doing it. But this is the first time we are getting a public place to display the art which is supported by the BMRCL. We will open our shop in November at the Ulsoor Metro Station,” added Anupama.