Writer laments over decline in quality literary works

Writer laments over decline in quality literary works

Writer laments over decline in quality literary works

Kannada Book Authority President Banjagere Jayaprakash has said that good literature will only reflect the voice of voiceless. 

Speaking at a book release programme organised by Kemmalaje Janapada Prakshana Udupi on Saturday, Jayaprakash said that the literary works should be the outcome of fact-finding effort and should incorporate the innocence of a child in the process of narration.Writer should bring out the truth in his work. 

He said “days are not far, for the suppression of those who uphold and propagate  truth. The voice of the people who go against the superstitious beliefs and the authoritarian administration would be restrained from publishing.” He said the quintessence of the democracy lies on the basis of truth and fact finding.  

The renowned writer added the literature should evolve the process of incessant thirst for the facts. The most important criterion of any writer is to bring out the truth or else the write up will be a mere use of words. 

The writings of a writer should be away from pre-conceived notion. The write-ups written to impress others fails to emerge as a real work piece. The real literature is born in streets and not in the notification of the government or the folders of the administrative set up, he said.

He lamented that quality literary works are on decline. The Book Authority publishes 7,000 books in the state every year. Only a few writers make an indepth study on the subject. The works should not uphold the voice of the people who are in power. 

Volumes of ‘Samagra Koti-Chennaiah’ authored by veteran folk scholar Bannanje Babu Ameen, ‘Sanskriti Lahiri’ by writer Dr Gananath Yekkar and ‘Mahila Abhivyakthi-Samakalina Samvada’ and ‘Tulu Sahitya Parampare: Ondu Avalokana’ by witter Dr Nikethana were released on the occasion.