Take a historical scoop

Take a historical scoop

Nostalgic flavour

Take a historical scoop

In a city like Bengaluru that is undergoing rapid, demographic changes, a few landmark buildings still stand tall. They are more than just  locations and provide the quintessential charm to the City. ‘Lakeview Milk Bar’ on MG Road is one among them.

The story of ‘Lakeview’ goes back to 1930. Initially, James Charles, a British gentleman, owned an ice cream cart where the present 1 MG Mall is located. He then sold it to Viraj Lal in 1947. The name, ‘Lakeview Milk Bar’, came about as the place overlooked the Ulsoor Lake. Lakeview was a haven, and people came to indulge in just three flavours of ice-creams — vanilla, chocolate and raspberry — for one anna.

Today, apart from the range of exotic ice-cream flavours they offer, such as ‘Rose Falooda’, ‘Strawberry Scoops’, ‘Joker Man’, ‘Bloody Mary’ and ‘Rhapsody Sundae’, through expansion, the ice-cream parlour has a variety of options for milkshake lovers, pizza fans, sandwich snackers and burger kings.

There are over 50 different combinations of ice-creams. Though they stick to classic flavours like butterscotch and strawberry, they have funky combinations as well. The ‘Lakeview Special Pizza’ is their highlight and all their bakery items such as pastries and buns are baked in-house.  

Lakeview sees customers, especially those who are above the age of 45, reminiscing their times in Bengaluru during the 60s and 70s over dollops of dry-fruit ice-creams.

Reddy, an employee of Lakeview for the past 24 years, says that the place is always packed after 8 pm for desserts. “Our ice-creams are always superior to those in any other high-end parlour because our products contain no preservatives or artificial flavours and are always made from fresh milk,” he says. The who’s who including MS Dhoni and Robin Uthappa have visited the place, he informs.

Anish Vakharia, the manager, who comes from the third generation in the family business, adds, “For 85 years, we have stood the test of time. We will stick to tradition despite keeping up to the current trends and changing with times. Though we want people to remember us for the historical, British legacy that ‘Lakeview’ holds, we also want to be remembered for the quality food we serve.”

He happily remembers growing up around ‘Lakeview’, his own ‘Willy Wonka’ factory. “I learnt cycling on the road outside and used to do my homework in Lakeview. I literally grew up here,” he fondly recalls.

Despite having evolved as a brand with new menus and innovative products, Bengalureans remember ‘Lakeview’ mainly for their scoops, hoping to dig out a delicious piece of history from the owners each time they come in.