Bagepalli toll plaza ready for use

Bagepalli toll plaza ready for use

Charges will come into effect from Friday mid-night

Bagepalli toll plaza ready for use

The toll plaza at Narepally, in the outskirts of Bagepalli. DH PhotoThe historical NH 7 was constructed by the Madras government during the British period. Some remnants of history is still seen on this road, which was used by the British army to travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore and Madras. (Now Chennai).

The road was usually referred to as the “ Big Road” (Bada rasta). The National Highways Authority has developed this road into a quadrilateral of international standard.


Thousands of  farmers, especially from Bagepalli, Gudibande, Chikkaballapur and Devanahalli,  had to give up their fertile agricultural lands and equal number had to sacrifice their houses to develop this road into quadrilateral and to construct a by-pass. Finally the civil works are complete and the road is ready for use. An official notification is also published by the Central government in this regard.

The toll plaza is at a distance of exactly 92 km from State capitol Bangalore. The toll fee for car, jeep and other light vehicles is Rs 50. For  return journey within 24 hours it is Rs 75. Monthly fee is fixed at Rs 1705.

The charge for mini bus is Rs 85, regular bus Rs 175, 3-6 axle vehicles Rs 270 and over sized vehicles will be charged Rs 330.

VVIPs like President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Central and State ministers, Supreme Court and High Court  judges are exempted from paying the toll fee.
Others exempted are Speakers of Lok Sabha, State Assembly and Council, government invited foreign dignitaries, ambulance, armed military forces and police forces. Apart from these exempted every vehicle that passes through this NH has to pay the toll fee. The toll collection will come into force from Friday mid-night.