A modern twist to tradition

Last Updated 29 January 2015, 14:52 IST

Designer Kamal Raj Manickath’s collections, ‘Souchika’ caught everybody’s attention at the recently-held Blender’s Pride Bangalore Fashion Week. ‘Souchika’ gave fashionistas a peek into some stunning bridal wear. 

Inspired by a floral theme and keeping in mind the spirit of spring, ‘Souchika’ did well to blend a modern and contemporary style in the traditional bridal weaves. 

“I have tried new ways to design bridal wear as the South Indian brides want to experiment with their style. I have used different colour palettes that are not very common in Indian bridal wear. The embellishments and embroidery in my collection are very unique. I have used a lot of floral prints. My collections are very pocket-friendly and at the same time, they have a rich look,” says Kamal Raj. 

His collections featured a couture line that represented rich tradition with a sprinkle of glamour. The traditional bridal wear with some intricate handcrafted work were given a quirky touch with neon colours. 

“My collection is a mix of intricate laces with laser cut fabrics, sequins, shimmer and brocades. 

Floral patterns are the central theme of my work. I have experimented with lavenders, carnations, daffodils and orchids,” he says.

Orange, black and gold, being the high point of his collections, he says it is important to accessorise well for bridal wear. “Bridal wear is  grand with intricate works so, the accessories have to be very subtle. Go for something simple that will add on to your style,” he says.

Having established two stores in the City, he talks about his journey as a ffashion designer. 

“Completing my bachelor’s in Mangaluru, I worked in Arab countries. I had a boutique for nearly four years in Dubai. I later moved to Australia and worked with a UK designer for two-and-a- half years, after which I started my own boutique here in Bengaluru,” he explains.

The designer who is grateful to the stage of Bangalore Fashion Week says, “This stage has given me an identity. This is my second time here and both the times, the response to my collections was overwhelming,” he says.

As a fashionable designer, he advised not to go too Indian with bridal wear as they have become too predictable. He wraps up with a style statement saying, “Always be modern and stylish.”

(Published 29 January 2015, 14:51 IST)

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