'I play the tunes spontaneously'

'I play the tunes spontaneously'

'I play the tunes spontaneously'

cool Chetan dh photo by M N Vasu

K M Chaitanya’s next big directorial venture Suryakaanti will hit the theatre across the City this Sankranti — January 14.

And a promo blitzkrieg, on an unprecedented scale, has been launched in the State.
Road shows have been rolled out. Banners, hoardings and mobile floaters have been sent across the State.

“Our promos have a state wide focus. Most people in the City know of Suryakaanti. Besides, a bulk of our audience lies in the other cities of the State and we don’t want to miss a chance to rope them in,” director Chaitanya told Metrolife.

 Nothing less than Rs 40 lakh has been spent on promotions alone. A few volunteers are visiting colleges playing songs from the movie, quizzing college kids about the movie. There’s a comedy show knit around the film.

A two-hour cultural bonanza, Suryakaanti Sanje will be staged in Mysore on January 9.
The event will showcase comedy shows and dance-dramas. Besides, Regina Cassandra will perform to popular songs from the film.  The film has fast-paced songs with lively lyrics like Swalpasoundu Jaasti Maadu, written by Yograj Bhat.

The other songs are Edeya Baagilu Thattde, Mouni Naanu, Chan Channare and Jaikaara— all of which talk about love, friendship and togetherness. Chetan, who will be wielding his saxophone for the first time, at a public performance says he learnt the instrument as a child and took to jazz and would perform in public back in the US. “I play spontaneously whatever tunes that come to my mind. And since it’s the promotion of the movie I thought I should pitch in with my bit. I will be playing my favourite songs Edeya Baagilu Thattde, and Bare Bare from Nagarahavu on the saxophone,” says Chetan who seems all excited about his performance.

 Chetan finds playing the saxophone very therapeutic. “It soothes my mind and
helps me fight anxiety,” he beams.