Get smitten by cute kittens at international cat show

Get smitten by cute kittens at international cat show

Get smitten by cute kittens at international cat show

Felines of various breeds from across the country took part in the third edition of Whiskas International Cat Show which began in the City on Saturday.

The adorable cats, accompanied by their owners, were the cynosure of all eyes. Different breeds of cats such as Norwegian Breed, Traditional Long-Haired Breed, British Long-Haired Breed and the Arabian Mau, the furry creatures vied with each other to bag titles like ‘Best in Show,’ ‘ Best of Best,’ ‘Best Dressed Feline,’ ‘Best Photogenic Cat’ among others.

Organised by Mars International India, in association with World Cat Federation, Indian Cat Federation (ICF) and Middle East Cat Society (MECATS), the two-day show had over 80-90 cats from all over India taking part on the first day. Judges Johan Lamprecht, Dorathea Julia Lamprecht, Tatjana Cernova judged the competition on the basis of cats’ quality, health and conformation to their pedigree in all their characteristics.

Petra Mueller, president of MECATS and Founder of ‘Arabian Mau’ cats, was the special guest. The organisers maintained that the show aims at placing India on the World Cat Show map on a par with other countries of the world.

“We want to create awareness about the cat population in India through this event. We need every single Indian to participate in saving the cat breed from the Indian streets by urging people to adopt them. We strongly believe in cage-free homes,” ICF president Shree Nair said.

The cat lovers turned up in huge numbers to get a glimpse of various breeds. Kavana from JP Nagar, accompanied by her mother, expressed excitement and added that this is the first time she got to see so many varieties of cats, all under one roof.

Chitra Iyer, a pet owner who displayed about six cats, said, “I have got 30 dogs and nine cats. I have displayed about six cats, out of which one is rescued.”