Times are favourable for RSS: Bhagwat

Last Updated 22 February 2015, 13:48 IST

Stating that the current times are "favourable" for RSS, its chief Mohan Bhagwat said the outfit should make it a priority to unite Hindus while at the same time stressed that every faith should be respected as unity in diversity was India's strength.

"The present time is favourable to us, and conditions are conducive so that Karyakarta (swayamsevak) should get to this great work to make Hindustan a Vishwa Guru (world teacher)," Bhagwat said on the concluding day of a five-day workshop of Bharatpur Division RSS unit at Lohagarh Stadium.

Citing Israel's example, the RSS chief said it got independence in 1948 after India and many other nations kept attacking it, but people there were united and committed to the nation building.

Bhagwat said that the "uniting Hindu Samaj should be done on priority and it should be taken up as a campaign".

Exhorting activists to spread the message of the Sangh, he said "take an oath under the flying saffron flag right today and go to every village, street, and city to unite people regardless of their caste, creed, religion, poor or rich, illiterate or literate. Respect every one's faith".

Bhagwat said, "Bharat is mother of every one. Indian culture is a real Hindu Sanskriti. Respecting, protecting and propagating sanatan sanskriti is the main objective of the RSS".

"Unity in diversity is the basis of India's strength. Hence make your efforts to strengthen RSS shakha for country's unity and integrity by providing high-level of culture and values in life in every human-being," he added.

The RSS chief said that Sangh means a 'sanskarshala' (culture school) where social, cultural and human values are inculcated in a person.

Hailing workmanship of swayamsevaks, the RSS chief said swayamsevaks are always ready under any eventuality and exigency of natural disaster or environment-related problems even before Army or police are called to handle the crisis.

"A RSS worker never demanded a paisa nor desired any kind of money or favour, but he is trained to work for the nation and society," he said.

"This kind of public service is required in every citizen and swayamsevaks can carry this message up to villages and cities in a broader aspect to impart values to them," he said.
"Country is not just a piece of a map, but it has got a broad meaning and impact. Country is constituted of all kinds of flora and fauna," he elaborated.

"RSS can not be compared with any organisation or sangh in the world because sangh and people affiliated to it are highly disciplined, cultured, have great humanity and they feel proud of their devotion to the country," he said.

Recalling Isreal's past status, the RSS chief said that "People brought prosperity there...they changed Israel's registan to nakhlistan (sandy desert to oasis),". "Hence we should get united to make India Vishwa Guru among other nations," he added.

(Published 22 February 2015, 13:48 IST)

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