Prez speech has nothing new to offer: Mayawati

Prez speech has nothing new to offer: Mayawati

Prez speech has nothing new to offer: Mayawati

BSP supremo Mayawati today said the President's address to Parliament, which is a reflection of the Centre's policy, was all about "less work and more talk" and there was nothing new in it.

"There was nothing in the President's speech. All what has been said earlier was presented in a different way," she said outside Parliament.

"I heard the speech attentively. President's speech always reflects Centre's policy. It seems this government is doing kaam kam, baat zyada (less work more talk. At least President's address indicated that," the former UP chief minister said.

The BSP chief did not open her cards on the party's stand on the Land ordinance issue. "We will reveal our strategy on the floor of the House."

Asked about her views on Anna Hazare's agitation on the land ordinance, she said it was in the interest of farmers.

"Land Ordinance brought by the government is not in the interest of the common man. Anna Hazare is opposing it and he is doing it rightly in the interest of farmers," the BSP supremo said.
"Our party has opposed the ordinance since the beginning," she added.

Asked if her party will support Hazare's agitation, she said, "Our party was opposing it before Anna came to Jantar Mantar. We are not following Anna. Our party has its own policy. Unless they (government) makes changes in the land acquisition policy, we will strongly oppose it as the ordinance is not in the interest of farmers."