Array of grilled delicacies

Array of grilled delicacies


Array of grilled delicacies

DELICIOUS: The chef preparing coastal delights.

It was calm get-together of close friends and food experts at the preview of a Grills and Liquor Fest at a popular City hotel.

Unlike the usual social gatherings full of late comers and party crashers, this one was close-knit and low profile as it was open only to select guests. The coastal cuisine served through out the evening was one of the best according to most of the guests.

The beautiful open area in the luxury hotel, which formed the venue for the event, was probably the best choice as it lent an air of homeliness, thereby making it seem like a family barbecue. 

Said Naren Thimmaiah, the master chef behind the entire food festival, “The best time to have grilled food, or a barbecue is the winter season.”

He added, “Initially, our focus was only on seafood, but slowly it got extended to vegetarian food as well.”

Speaking of how easy it is to prepare grilled seafood, he said, “Unlike red or white meat which needs to be marinated, sea food gets cooked very fast.” On being asked about the menu, he said, “There are many varieties, and since it’s an a la carte, there is a lot of mix and match.” The socialites had a gala time catching up with one another as they spoke about their love for food. “I just love soft-shell crabs,” said one, while another one said, “It was one of the best coastal food I have ever had.”

Said Aslam Gafoor, a popular socialite and the COO of a grill company which was one of the partners for the festival, “India is ready for compact and portable grills as they are light and easy to use. Even the charcoal that we have used here for the barbecue is eco-friendly, and is made out of coconut shell waste.”

Speaking of barbecues, he noted, “It’s unfortunate that most people associate barbecue with non vegetarian food. An amazing variety of vegetarian food can be prepared on grills. In fact, I have even prepared vegetarian pizzas and desserts on barbecue.”