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Oranges not only have visual appeal, but  generous amounts of Vitamin C. The pulp provides good fibre which, in turn, lowers bad cholesterol. Eating an orange every day helps the body to absorb dietary iron, especially from plant foods.

Dry, powder and store orange peels in season. The dried peel of orange is used to flavour cakes, desserts and candy. It is also used for cosmetic purposes. Powdered orange peel can be used as a facial scrub, by mixing it with fresh milk cream and a pinch of turmeric. The fresh peel can be used to make a sandwich spread.

Citrus salad

Ingredients: Orange segments — 2 cups, Seedless pomegranate — 2 tbsp, Seedless fresh green grapes — 1 cup, Chilli/ pepper powder — to taste, Coconut (grated) — 1 tbsp, Coriander leaves — chopped (a few), Lime juice — ½ tsp, Salt — to taste.

Method: Mix all the ingredients in a serving bowl. Serve at once.

Tangy preserve

Ingredients: Fresh orange peel (chopped) — 1 cup, Tamarind water — 1 cup, Jaggery powder — 2 tbsp, Salt & Chilli powder — to taste, Mustard powder — ½ tsp.

Seasoning: Oil — 2 tbsp, Mustard seeds — ½ tsp, Red chilli pieces — 2 or 3, Asafoetida — a pinch.

Method: Heat oil. Season with mustard seeds, red chillies and asafoetida. Add the orange peel and saute till tender. Add tamarind water, jaggery powder and salt. Simmer till slightly thick. Add chilli powder and mustard powder. Cook for a minute more. Cool and bottle. Use as a spread on toast, dosa or chapati.

Orange lassi

Ingredients: Thick curd — 2 cups, Orange juice — 1 cup, Salt — a pinch, Orange segments — 2 tbsp, Sugar/ honey (optional) — to taste

Method: Put curd, orange juice and salt in a blender and whisk till smooth. Chill. Pour into a tall glass, top with orange segments and serve.

(Published 22 January 2010, 10:02 IST)

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